Welcome to Adam Michaels, where perfumery and excellence meet.

Adam Michaels is a European luxury brand founded in England, with an ambition to translate memories and emotions into products and experiences.

Adam Michaels is reinventing the world of luxury through a new approach, where creation is led by emotions, expressing a full and limitless olfactory universe.

Adam Michaels conceives scents using the highest quality materials available and designs to enhance the ingredients to fuel a renewed approach to modern luxury.

Adam Michaels creates and develops high-end exclusive fragrances for the discerning.

We believe that through creativity and emotions, we are able to develop timeless fragrances, both meaningful and inspirational, to people and their lives.

Conceived from olfactory desires, born to stimulate emotion.

A native Brit, growing up in Manchester, a hive of creative and social activity, allowed for individualism and quirkiness.

After decades long history of developing cosmetic products for clients an inner desire to create from the heart and evoke emotion became overwhelming.

A journey to Paris reaffirming the need to seek self fulfillment and the olfactory adventure truly started.

The need for independence of thought and luxury have been on the forefront of perfume creation. Creating without restraint, a fearless approach to challenge the senses was borne.