brings artistry to perfumer

Adam Michaels founded, established and devoted to showcase the natural beauty of the most precious ingredients to create finely blended, sophisticated and unique perfumes.

More than any other sense, our sense of smell is most closely linked to our memory.

Recollection of happy childhood memories is often evoked by a scent triggering a long-forgotten experience, whether a happy occasions or people we met and loved. Likewise, our personal aroma will help others decide on their memories of us.

Our fragrances are highly emotive, eliciting emotions such as: power, happiness, love, excitement and calmness. Adam Michaels aspires to embolden your senses, exude confidence whether at a meeting of minds or meeting of souls. Our unique aromatic blend aims to capture the exuberance of life, confident sensuality and a sense of savoir faire.
Adam Michaels brings artistry to perfumery with incomparable distinction. Original, evocative and created with passion to satisfy an array of moods.